Kyrie Eleison, Therapy K-9



Kyrie was born at Klugh Kennels in Greenwood, SC. She is Kida’s sister from a different litter. When our breeder heard of Kida’s untimely death, they contacted us and told us that they were going to breed Kida’s parents again, and asked if we would like pick of the litter. They knew Elijah (Cheryl’s son) was heartbroken over the loss of Kida. Given the choice to get another dog right away, or wait months for Kida’s sister, the choice was a no-brainer—we would all patiently await the arrival of Kyrie. Kyrie Eleison is Greek for “Lord have mercy”.

Kyrie has been trained as a therapy dog, and is in training to become a service dog. She joined Beauty for Ashes Counseling from the start and can be requested for therapy sessions.